Miss Josephine

In a land not very far from your own, there lived a fantastical fairy, so fantastical that it would be hard to believe that such a fairy would exist. A Fairy of sheer beauty and a Fairy so pure and untouched by the evils of the dark forces by which we are all surrounded. The fairy is on a quest to put an end to the disbelief. The same disbelief that has over-ridden all our ideals and imaginations, the disbelief in true love, true happiness and most of all the disbelief in fun and fantasy.
The Fantastical Fairy set out on her quest, taking with her only a back-pack of fruit and her wand. To date, her wand has been the only source of protection against the dark forces of disbelief. If the fairy got herself caught up in the disbelief, her quest would be in vain and only a true believer can accomplish this mammoth task.
She started through the woods and came to a very large door in the middle of nowhere. on it was a sign that said; “Please come in, we have been waiting for you Fantastical Fairy”. She cautiously opened the door, but no one was inside. She was suddenly swept up by a ferocious tornado that sent her sailing around the small room. Back and forth, back and forth transporting her to another dimension. There were colored sparks all around here and as the tornado gradually lost strength, an image appeared in the centre of all this colorful madness and the fairy was gently put back down on the ground.
The dizzy fairy took a moment to collect herself. She looked around the room and in the corner sat a peculiar little creature, he went by the name of Sattelzen Flanigan. Sattelzen was truly a magnificent creature in his own right. he spent his days traveling through time, he took a great interest in history. Conversing with him was a problem. He spoke in an ancient language and could only be understood for a few minutes before you started to wonder when he was talking about. He was a Sattelzen of great wisdom and knowledge and had heard of the Fairy’s quest. He told the Fairy that her quest would grow more difficult by the day, disbelief would grow stronger by the day. And the greater the disbelief, the greater the obstacles.
Sattelzen offered the Fairy a companion. A little girl by the name of Miss Josephine. Although Miss Josephine is little, she is a marvelous and brave little girl. One so true to herself and her companions.
Miss Josephine has accomplished many missions and accompanied many Fairies, but not a mission to great, and not a Fairy so Fantastical.
Follow Miss J on her Blog: http://missjosephineadventure.blogspot.com

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