i am candice

Exhibition Closing - 10 July 2011-6

Photography is her art.

It is an expression of how she sees the world, be it in Black and white or Technicolor; she likes to find beauty in the most remote places, in the decay, in the simplicity of every day life. She enjoys capturing the essence of what it is to just be, with no hangs ups. She wants to depict the ordinary as extraordinary. Her style is casual and easy going, natural and fun.

Candice comes to the party with a diploma in freelance photography and a small brag book.

There have been a few features along the way on this incredibly journey:

 Candice’s Portfolio was featured in Photocomment Magazine – She was also afforded the opportunity to become a contributor on their website

A few of her images Featured images on onesmallseed.net – a Popular Culture website for the hip happening artists.

 She had images selected for the Joburg Photowalkers 12 Decades Exhibition – and there were some other amazing images selected.

 Candice had an image published in the Star newspaper. A copy was sold soon afterwards

Market on main used some images for promo because they loved them.



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