Though my Looking Glass: Holiday time with the loves of my life

looking glass

It has been months since I put fingers to my keyboard to type words on this blog. It is amazing how time can just pass by without us hardly noticing. There are a few reasons for this; studying takes up a lot of time, but sometimes when you spend all your time behind the camera’s viewfinder, you tend to stop just experiencing with your eyes and just photographing images in your memory. There are some scenes that a camera cannot capture and as much as I love photography, experiencing my days just as they are has been pretty awesome too.

This past week we had our family vacay in San Lameer, on the Kwazulu Natal South Coast. We have been going there for a few years and we think this was the last time. With Kelso starting school next year, out of season holidays will pretty much be… non existent, so we really just made the most of the time and switched off from the world and just stayed present. The weather was unpredictable, so planning for tomorrow was never a plan set in stone.

On this trip I explored Bodyboarding again; it is not like riding a bike, but I had so much fun nonetheless. I had the most insane soulful experience that left me with an incredible sense of bliss and gratitude; I was reminded of the awe of simplicity; it is amazing how your favorite music and the sun on your skin after days of rain can really just be the most awesome experience ever. We walked a lot, sometimes in the light misty drizzle, we had a pet; Kelso named her Keola. The monkeys took liberties and Kelso has the most amount of fun on “this” side of the invisible forcefield that was the sliding door. I played in water; in the madness that is life sometimes, you forget to just play and I did a lot of that. It was one of the best holidays I have had, every year it has been wonderful, but this time I left with a heavier heart than before.

Here are the pets… And the Monkeys

My Niece & Kelso splashing about..

Kelso with his grandparents…

San Lameer Nov 2014 - 11

Our awesome missions..

Tomorrow it is back to the hum drum of routine. Although the mere thought pretty much sux, it makes trips like this even more special. I think time away from routine and the norm is mandatory; for me anyway.

Here are my other trips to San lameer..

San Lameer Holiday 2013

San Lameer Holiday 2012

San Lameer Holiday 2011 – Part 1

San Lameer Holiday 2011 – Part 2


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