Through My Looking Glass: Team Orange in the Maboneng Precinct

looking glass

I feel like I have had to sweep some cobwebs away here; it has been so long since I really had anything to post here. But I had a day that was totally blog worthy and I am feeling inspired. Got some cool local music blasting into my ears, feet are tapping and fingers are taking control and typing away at great speed. Loving life.

I spent Thursday afternoon in the Maboneng precinct. It was a kick off event for the talent management program where I work. What that means is there are a quite a few awesome people where I work and this is the start of an adventure of development. And the event was an adventure in itself. For a start, we didn’t know where we were going. A tough time for the control freaks I am sure. I guessed that we would be going into town because it is pretty happening, but I didn’t expect the events that were to follow.

Anyone who has ever read any of my blogs would know that I love the city centre, especially the Maboneng Precinct; but as much as I love it, I really hadn’t explored it that much. We kind of played it safe and went as far as the end of the road past Arts on Main and that is about it. We have been to 12 decades, mosied around the coffee shops, but you kind of stick where you know. This can only mean that this tour was just up my alley and a real treat for the the senses… and the soul.

A few days before this day, we all got an email with what team we were in. Images of roughing it and climbing up walls and things cross ones mind, but I went with it and made an effort to get the carrot orange T shirt so that I could look like an enthusiastic team player. The afternoon started at Arts on Main, it is pretty strange to be there when there is no market. We joined our teams and met our guide, got given the instructions and off we went. We had a pretty rad tour guide, Bheki Dube; knows his stuff and is pretty inspiring. Such a young guy with so much to look forward to ahead of him. Owner of Curiocity backpackers and does the main street walks, he really has his city groove on and gave us so much in terms of experience of the city.

Each team was given an ipad with an app that had tasks on. I cannot remember the name of it. All I can remember is city Safari. Anyways, we had to go to places, check in, take pictures, Answer questions and the likes. I had been feeling inspired to take some pictures, but with so much on the go at the moment, i just haven’t had the opportunity and this was the perfect setting. It was the most amount of fun. Got to meet fellow colleagues, take pictures and have fun, what a flipping bargain.

Some highlights for me was Cocoon; The breathing exercise was magical. I make a point of doing some kind of breath work and centering atleast twice a day, but this was amazing and really, the O2 high is pretty awesome. Curiosity Backpackers was great too, I love the decor and thought of George, he would love it there. We went into an apartment which left me weak at the knees it was so beautiful; and of course getting into the gown by the shower was pretty funny too. The Zebra Bar is not the kind of place I would find myself hanging out at, but it was an experience, the hunting trophies were… uhm… interesting, and the music and atmosphere was nothing like I have ever experienced. It was not a bad experience, it was unique. The Ethiopian lunch was also a feast for the taste buds. George and I had eaten at an Ethiopian Restaurant in Melville a few years back and often said we should have gone back there, so I was pretty stoked to be able to eat Ethiopian food again… and then some sweets, frozen yoghurt with sweets on ended off the lunch quite well.

Where it all started

All had a real Zen Moment here… And Jason made some new sheep Friends

The Living Room – Need to go back here for lunch some time… And the Roof top… And walking down the stairs… and outside

Curiocity Backpackers

Some Street Art work; How beautiful is it? And some other stuff that caught my eye.

The Zebra Bar

Image Set 17


Image Set 15

THIS…. Look at THIS… Weak at the Knees….

Image Set 16

So thanks DD, the day was pretty rocking. It was an experience that many of us won’t forget. It was inspiring and it was a reminder that with a positive attitude anything can be turned into Gold. Learning where the precinct started was an inspiring and humbling story that makes me appreciate what is there even more than before.

with love

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