Through My Looking Glass: Bangkok

looking glass

Been some time since my last post, been swirling around the tornado that has been my life; all good, just somewhat busy with little time looking through my looking glass.

My workplace recently afforded me the opportunity to travel to Bangkok for a workshop, not only was the workshop a learning experience, my eyes were opened to a new culture and some smells which were a little hard on the nose. With little time for sight seeing and no fancy camera in my bag, I made the most of the time with what I had. I bought a R600 Samsung happy snapper and took many of the photo’s while in motion. So the quality leaves a lot to be desired, but got to capture what I saw.

This was my first trip out of South Africa and it proved to be most interesting from start to finish. I learnt that should I ever travel again, Addis Ababa is certainly not a place I would like to spend any hours in and travel agents can be mistaken when they waffel on about good reviews; Ethiopian Airlines may never see me again; I am certain they won’t miss me though. 🙂

After a very long sleep on the Saturday we arrived, Sunday we headed out to a week end market and a techno mall – My word, it was a few floors of just electronic devices. The market got me, it was like it a beast had been released and I am ever so grateful for the rather large handbag I took with me. What a fun day. It started with a decent breakfast and a few minutes by the pool.

A few Random snaps for nights out and the terminal 21 shopping mall

A Tuk-Tuk Ride – This was so random. This little jam jar was decked out with a CD player and speakers and it seemed like a moment of madness in that thing with music blaring and the lights passing by.

On the last day we had a few hours to sight-see, it was hot, but it was awesome. Train rides and water taxi’s and the most beautiful Grande Palace that in my opinion is really something special.

Kelso’s special Gift – He got the grey Astro Boy – He was a happy boy when he got this surprise out my suitcase

Bangkok December 2013-40

This made me laugh – As Elana Says; “Satnam Ronald”.

Bangkok December 2013-41

And… A stray Dog… not a friendly fella at all though. Not overly impressed as you can see.

Bangkok December 2013-42

Well, that is all.

So much love in the world!


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