Through My Looking Glass: San Lameer

looking glass

My favorite time of the year is when we get to go to San Lameer. These out of season holidays are soon to be over as pumpkin face Kelso gears up for Grade 1. Luckily we have one more and then thats it… Crowded beaches for us from 2015. This was a particularly special holiday; George joined us this time. His leave was not cancelled at the last minute and it was such a rad holiday, I was left reeling for a while afterwards.

It is no secret that the mojo has been missing in Action, and this holiday I decided to be in the moment and my camera stayed in the villa for the greater part of the holiday. It was super windy and cleaning sand out of it was not high on my ‘things I really want to do this holiday’ list. So I spent a great deal of time basking in the sun, swimming in the ocean, reviving my soul and cleaning sand out of my ears. There were times I was over it, sand in the ears is sometimes the end of it for me, but hanging out by the hotel pool wasn’t half bad either.

My Little Crazy Fool

The Love Shadow Puppets

The Randomness at some Crocodile Farm in Ramsgate

Colour and Awesomeness

Granny Patsy, Kelso Awesome Face and Miss Muffit Tayla

18 October 2013-5


The Holiday pet. I got a picture of this little beast when he was a kitten on the beach.

And I count the months until we go again.

with love


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