Through My Looking Glass: Sunshine, Tea Party & a Lensbaby playdate

I Took a day off work last Friday to attend a mother day tea party at Kelso’s school. It was quite honestly one of the most rocking days that I have had in a while.

Nice breakfast at Vovo Telo in Parkhurst. There is something special about that place and I am not quite sure what it is. The food is nice, the pictures on the menu and the walls are pretty awesome, but it is something else that keeps me wanting to go back. The morning sun creating a glow on the Rye bread was pretty awesome too.

(iPad Images – Yay for the iPad looking glass too)

The concert at Kelso’s school left tears in my eyes. It was just lovely. Children carry around with them the most amazing energy. And all they wanted to do was make their mommy’s smile. It was far too precious. The school Kelso is at is a good school and I really appreciated the effort that they put in for this and everything else that they do. I am sad that it is Kelso’s last year there, no more tea parties and little concerts for mom!

I was not sure where I was to next, but as I started driving, I decided to go for a little walk at Emmarentia. It is one of my favorite parks, it is safe, it is pretty and its quiet. I thought it was a nice space to give the Lensbaby another go. As I noted in my last post (Through My Looking Glass: The Lensbaby), it is not the easiest to use, considering I am half blind on a good day, I found focussing a challenge. I found it a lot easier this time. I am pretty sure with some more practice, I will be able to get the sweet spot just where I want it.

I do favor the creative apertures. They add something special. The little heart one is my favorite. I played a lot with the sunlight sparkles through the trees. Singing heart songs of awesomeness.

I am having fun with my camera again. I am not looking for technical perfection, I am looking for fun again… and I think I have found it.

with love


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