Through My Looking Glass: The Lensbaby

I decided to invest in a Lensbaby. It took me a while to actually buy it. But I bit the bullet. I decided to go for the standard portrait kit. It is certainly not the pro gear, but because I am no pro I couldn’t see myself spending heaps of cash until knew that it would be awesome enough to do so. It is a lot of fun. Being half blind, getting anything in focus is always a problem for me. So I have found focussing a little bit of a challenge and getting exposure right. Today was only the first play date, I am sure it will get easier as I find the groove.

I had the most amount of fun with the creative aperture’s. Making little hearts and stars really rocked my universe. Gimmicks, I just seem to love them. I cannot wait to take the soft focus optic out!

So here is the first attempts! Fun Times out with my lads.

Hope the week end is super awesome so far!!

with love


One thought on “Through My Looking Glass: The Lensbaby

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