Through My Looking Glass: Marching Along

It has been far too long since my last post. I am in the same place I was last year, lacking Mojo. Writing has taken up a lot of my time. Seems multitasking is not my strong point. I have been taking my iPad almost everywhere. I have a more personal blog where I have a weekly review in pictures. When work is a little busier, the pictures are few. I know I have neglected this space, which makes me sad. I put so much into this and to let myself get so slack, Oi… Smack my bad self.

This was March. There was a special Date Day, The Easter Bunny visited and I have my Very own Jack Frost. There is a mix of IOS photo’s and SLR shots. Even though I don’t go walking around armed with my camera all the time, I am having fun with the limitations of the iPad. There are times when I want better quality images though.

I discovered Motherland Coffee in Rosebank. I know its not new, but new in my world. I went there one work day after visiting one of our clients. I sat there for around 3 hours, left in peace to get on with my work.  I really believe it is the best coffee I have had ever. Step Aside Vida, Motherland just bumped you off the pedestal I put you on! I also like the set up, I like that you get some free Wifi and I love the decor. What I loved about that day was the rain  too. George I also went there on our Date Day. We sat there the whole day. I sat typing away on my iPad text editor my handsome made for me and he sat coding it a little more. We also ate Dinner at Piza Vino, I had been DYING to eat there. I loved it. Probably the coolest thing is that you can have half half. We got to each choose half. No fighting! Love it. Even though we don’t frequent Rosebank much any more since Cranks closed, it still holds the most special place in my heart. The Vibe is still there. A mix of trendy Hipsters and Some Gran and Gramps strolling around. It is a rocking Suburb. Love Love Love it.

We visited Papachino’s, Monte Casino more than once and Did some home improvements. Look at our Fabulous little slave.

The Easter Bunny hid some Eggs at Delta Park. I was ripped to pieces about the contents of the picnic “basket”. Too Healthy I believe.

Kelso has taken to Dressing Like Jack Frost. Both Images taken with and edited with iPad. It has some real cool apps, I have a collection, but my favourites are Instagram, Snapseed and Pixlr Express +

And for Fun.. Edited with Pixlr Express +. There are some cool effects and over lays.


March in a nutshell. I have decided to start saving for a lensbaby kit. After playing with effects, I am keen to get more creative rather than create technical masterpieces. Find what makes me tick.

So far, this month, I have rediscovered my love for still life. Now to find some time for that! I must just make some!

with love


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