Through My Looking Glass: A Few Blossoms

An awesome day out in the open and fresh air yesterday. I wanted to take Kelso to the Walter Sisulu Botanica Gardens because I just needed some open space. George decided he wanted to come with us. This is not to say he was not invited, he wanted to clean house. Well, we are all glad he decided to join us. It proved to be such an amazing day out. The weather was lovely, the company was great and I even bumped into an old friend that I went to school with.

We were out for the greater part of the day. When the storm started brewing, we decided to leave and the rain just came down shortly after we got home. But we played, we missioned and this time I took my other camera for George. See, he always ends up with my camera. I figured that I have 2 and I packed it in the bag for him. It was so much fun taking “photomissioning” with the person I dig most in the world. It was also interesting to see the day through his eyes when I uploaded the images.

We have decided we will be doing that more often. The days are cooler now that the scorcher summer is coming to an end, well, its ended, but we feeling the left overs still. :-). I needed to get out, get some fresh air and just connect with nature a little. Can’t wait to mission again.

And then this Pearler of Kelso that George Took

02 March 2013-25

Hope the week end was awesome for everyone and may the week ahead be better than the last!

with love


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