Through My Looking Glass: The Art of Science

1000 sweet songs of warm fuzziness as I am able to bring out a new episode of ‘Through My Looking Glass’. Feels like forever since I have really felt it, you know. My poor camera had been collecting dust. I realized i had been putting a lot of energy into my other blog, which consists primarily of writing stuff. As much as I love writing, I have missed looking at the world through a view finder and I really hope to have many more days just like today.

We decided to go to Arts on Main today for breakfast. We had planned to go last week end, but when we remembered, it was too late so we made a point of remembering today. We didn’t have breakfast at the canteen like we always do, but decided to just have whatever we felt like from the market, there are always yummy things to get there, and the pancake definitely beat the usual egg on toast gig we so often go for. I had forgotten how awesome it is there. Some places will never lose that space in your heart I guess. The vibe, the music, the type of people that go there all adds to the most amazing experience every time. Not to mention the really funky things you can buy there. I discovered the most amazing jewelry. I think I need to go and buy more really soon. I did mention that I would post a link to their site. I feel if I photograph other people’s things and they are awesome things, I must post a link to where other can find the stuff that left me weak at the knees.

The Brand is called Flutter and to check out the really funky stuff:

It was still fairly early when we were ready to leave, so I thought I would take George and Kelso to Sci Bono. I had been there a few times, but they hadn’t and I just knew they would like it. For those that don’t know, Sci Bono is an education centre and it is totally geared for boys. Girls would enjoy it too, but there is a building section, a place where you can kick a ball and a lot of things that create electricity and things. George and Kelso loved their time there. And the coffee I bought was like a work of art, I almost didn’t want to stir it. Awesomeness is always where you least expect it.

Today was a day of pure spleandour. I had both my Camera’s (Canon & iPad), so there is a mix of images.

I hope everyone had an amazing week end and getting charged up for the week ahead!

with love


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