Through The Eye of the iPad – 03 February 2013

Its amazing what being at work can do to a person. Its been a while since I have taken my camera out my bag. But I have had my iPad with me all the time. Its is the new school version of pen and paper. I have really been taking advantage of being able to snap a few shots in whenever I get the chance. We are planning a picnic next week and a breakfast at Arts on Main, so hopefully I can play with my sweet angel clicker again really soon. Today I really wanted to go out and take pictures, but I found myself working on another blog I have and painting my nails yellow.

Here a just a few from this past week. On my other blog I have a feature called Project 52 . It started off as a project 364, but I never got that right. Most of these kinds of images get posted there because it is a weekly feature that forces me to capture my days. We should not be limited by the camera’s we have. If it can take a photo, it is good enough in my books. I have ben really having a lot of fun.

Have a super week ahead!



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