Through The Eye of the iPad – 20 January 2013

I recently bought myself an iPad Mini. I am sure I have mentioned this in my last post. It has proved to get me wanted to snap away again. The bulky camera gets heavy on longer outings and I end up just leaving it at home. The iPad mini is around the size of an A5 Notebook. Granted, the picture quality is that of a cellphone, but it had those funky apps on so you can rather worry about capturing a moment rather than technical excellence. It has afforded me the opportunity to just photograph random things. I think what I love the most is that you take notice of the smaller things, the detail. And I must admit, taking photo’s with an iPad is a learning curve as far as composition goes.

I have been playing around with Instagram, Snapseed and vintage camera and I have been having the most amount of fun. I am sure the novelty will wear off, but until then, I will continue snapping away merrily.








Hope everyone has enjoyed the week end. A rainy one here in Jozi. Much needed coolness! Have a super week ahead.

with love


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