A few days through a Looking Glass – 13 January 2013

I have been back in Jozi for a week. The sprog has been back at school for almost a week and I am back to my own grindstone tomorrow. I cannot believe how the season to be jolly died a very quick death. Time flew by.

This past week, I have been taking it easy, staying up far to late and spending all the money I didn’t spend on other people’s christmas presents. *insert laugh*.

I had so many plans for this week. I had a list of places that I wanted to go to, places I wanted to try out. But there were 2 days where I just lay on the couch in front of the TV with a remote in my hand. Having a 5 year old in the house can make one appreciate the TV remote and shows that are not animated.

I visited Vovo Telo for lunch on Tuesday. I have always loved my experiences there. From the decor, to the food to the friendly staff. When the waiter introduced himself, I introduced myself and shook his hand. While he seems a bit taken aback initially, he warmed up to the idea of a friendly patron. šŸ™‚

08 January 2013-7Dra

08 January 2013-4ret

On Friday Morning, I sat in a small pink coffee shop on 4th Ave in Parkhurst. It is called; “4th Ave coffee roasters”. A quant little place that is decked out in pink. The people who work there are uber friendly and the coffee is pretty darn awesome too. I sat there for a few hours drinking enough coffee to give me the shakes, but I left there with a warm heart and a smile on my face. I met an interesting lady there who made me laugh so much. Sometimes I am not up for stranger conversation, but my neon pens drew her to me I believe. We spoke of our holidays, her brand that she is launching this year and what we do for a living. She couldn’t believe that someone who has a collection of Neon pens, alternating colours on my finger nails and tattoo’s could have such a structured job where it is so process driven. Random encounters can really make a day if we give them a chance.

11 January 2013-5

11 January 2013-7

I also became the proud owner of an iPad Mini. The iStore were sold out, but by Friday the stock had arrived and I made one of those little gems mine. I wanted a more portable devise that I could use to blog, take pictures, make notes, blah blah blah justify justify justify. I don’t just want things for the sake of having them. Spending money in large amounts is not something I do too easily, so I need to have a good reason, it needs to be fit for purpose. I am so happy with the little devise and one of the first things I did was sign up with instagram, despite the bad publicity, I still wanted to give it a go. I installed snapseed, vintage camera app, etc. I have been having the most amount of fun. What I did realize, is that all this vintage toning is so in these days. No secret, but I had to have in on it too. I took all of Kelso’s 4th birthday photo’s with a disposable camera and I noticed today that the effects are the same. So if you can’t afford a device that has fancy applications on, head to your nearest photo store and pick up a disposable film camera. You can get the film developed to disk rather than printing them. It also adds to excitement because you have no idea what will come out or how they will. I think Lady Di, will be joining me on more outings this year.





I thought I would add a film image taken with my Lady Di (Diana Mini)! Just because I can.

Ladi Di Lomo-6

So that is that! Tomorrow I join the world, making my way through the traffic and eating lunch at lunch time. I am very excited about the prospect of aircon though. Its been scorchers this week.

I hope the coming week treats you all well. If you can’t be good, take pictures! šŸ˜‰

with love


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