Welcome to 2013 Candice – 06 January 2013

This year has started off pretty slowly for me. So many people have been going on about how 2013 started with a bang, and I am not just talking crackers here. I rang the new year in watching TV. *Yawn* boring. To be honest, its always just another day. Kelso and I flew to KZN on the 1st. We are 1 Jan travelers.

It was Kelso’s first time flying, well, sort off. Flying at 6 months old doesn’t count. He was well excited, sweet lad couldn’t stop telling everyone he was going on an airplane. What a champ. So in a nutshell, my first week of 2013 was spent cruising Durban and visiting family. I had more visits to spur than I care to admit to, but it was nice relaxed week.

01 January 2013-3ret

I got to spend time with my sweet little Niece. She is a real busy body, but so very sweet. Just wanted to kiss that little face. Cant wait to see this poppet again soon.

06 January 2013-7

02 January 2013-5ret

2 little monkeys playing by the gate.

02 January 2013-8ret2

We had lunch in Balito with my brothers and their families. This be the cuzzies. Only 1 is missing. He lives in the UK. Love these kids so much. I don’t see them often at all. But they radiate some blinding awesomeness.

03 January 2013-4

Kelso and I spent a morning with Cluadia and little Gracia at Ushaka beach. I am not a dog person, but I always seem to fall in love with Cluadia’s little ones. They always seem to have such personalities and are so sweet. Kelso and Cluadia got on like they went to different schools together. She hasn’t seen him since he was about 1. It was very cool to see him just relaxing and having fun with someone new.

05 January 2013-9retbw

05 January 2013-6

05 January 2013-8ret

05 January 2013-5

With all that said, I am happy to be home. I like my life here in my smoggy city that is Jozi. I was happy to see George, Happy to see my animals and so happy to see my computer with an internet connection that doesn’t drop every few seconds.

My head is abuzz with all sorts of things that I would like to achieve this year. One thing is certainly taking more photo’s, adding some fun, some quirk and finding my groove again.

Happy 2013, May it be rocking in all shades of awesome!!

with love


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