2012 Through My Looking Glass – 24 December 2012

2012 was a pretty dry year for the looking glass. I am not sure why, I guess things wax and wane. Gave me time to focus elsewhere. Be that as it may. It was a fun year. Full of awesomness and fun. I love every year, I don’t wait for a new one to start something. I never say next year will be better. Today is my day. I am wrapping up a few highlights on this site, my personal be Awesome site and even updating Kelso’s highlights of his adventures. It is quite something to keep track of 3 blogs. This year saw Miss Josephine go into hiding because it was just too much to keep track of. Maybe she will fit into my own personal space and join the awesome revolution.  Who knows.

03 Jan 2012 – I got another Tattoo. Light.. Love.. Clarity. This is a personal one for me. My name means White Light and Clarity. I didn’t think it reasonable to tattoo white onto my skin, so I added Love, something I think is awesome. And everyone should tap into it.

04 Jan 2012-7

15 Jan 2012MY TECHNOLOGY FAILED. My External drive fell on the floor. I was gutted. Years of stuff – gone. But it is almost a year later and I have survived. I don’t feel a sense of loss to be honest.

Retro Treasures  - 5

22 Jan 2012WE CELEBRATED THE YEAR OF THE DRAGON – PHOTOWALKER STYLE – A day at Nan Hua Buddhist temple with the Photowalkers. In true Photowalker style, we left early to go and have drinks. Standard procedure.

The Year of the Dragon - 22 Jan 2012-35 The Year of the Dragon - 22 Jan 2012-2718 Feb 2012 – Got to experience some of Jozi’s inner city MUTI CULTURE. Got to see some really, uhm… you know, things that I don’t understand. But it was an interesting morning.

Muti Culture - 18 February 2012-4303 March 2012My journey to find my Mojo began. Losing inspiration is a horrible thing, but finding it makes it worth while. The images in background are mine. They were part of an exhibition. Some motivation. 🙂


06 March 2012 I confessed my Love for Jozi – I love the inner city. It has a vibe like no other. Its a love hate relationship for many. It can be smoggy and dirty, but at the same time a hub of pure awesome.

Arts on Main - 04 March 2012-2006 March 2012 – On My quest to find my Mojo, I thought about learning something new. A new Photoshop technique with i think it very cool. End product … see blow.

Arts on Main - 04 March 2012-3011 March 2012 – To find one’s inner awesome and Mojo, One should photograph things they love. I gave it a go. I lost my way and I got cracking on the coffee, on the loves of my life and everything i fancy in the universe. Coffee and my son. Rockstars in the world I live in.

11 March 2012_-2

22 March 2012 – A pretty significant time for me. my FIRST TRIP TO CAPE TOWN!! It was a week end of Splendour with George. I loved it so much. I have been twice since then for work and I cannot wait to go back now that I know how to get onto the highway from the air port.

Cape Town - 18 March 2012-9 Cape Town - 17 March 2012-19 Cape Town - 18 March 2012-10 Wale Street - 17 March 201202 April 2012 – I thought that photography is not about the camera you own, its about the eyes that are looking through the view finder. So i did some of my own ‘phonography’.

Phoneography-13 Phoneography-907 April 2012 – Small towns fascinate me. Heidelberg is a small town and it was such an amazing day spent with fun people

Heidelberg - Through My Looking Glass - 21 March 2012-6 Heidelberg - Through My Looking Glass - 21 March 2012-34 Heidelberg - Through My Looking Glass - 21 March 2012-5708 April 2012 – Regardless of what many say, I truly believe that Live View is under rated. I had so much fun one day. Why look like an ostrich, head down, butt up when you can just use live view.

06 April 2012-7wm

15 April 2012 My Mad Cow at the Market. This boy rocks my world. And do did these cows. I love Arts on Main. And I love…. so much.

Market on Main - 15 April 2012-25 Market on Main - 15 April 2012-22 Market on Main - 15 April 2012-16

21 April 2012 Play time with Sony. We got to play with some Sony Camera’s. A photowalk with a camera that wasn’t mine. An interesting experience.

SONY DSC21 April 2012 – After the Sony Walk – in true photowalker style – we found a place to have drinks and the neighbourhood Market.

Neighbourhood goods - 21 April 2012-902 June 2012 An early sunrise walk with my favourite photo peeps. 

Frosty Sunrise - 2 June 2012-6 Frosty Sunrise - 2 June 201213 June 2012Photographing stuff is what i love. Just random things. I hope to do more of it soon.

Mojo 2012-8 Mojo 2012-217 June 2012HAPPY BEST DADDY DAY to the best Daddy for the best son in the world.

13 June 2012-5 polaroid14 July 2012 Fun times with my best of nippy winter days. I HEART HEART HEART these 2.

14 July 2012-521 July 2012Mackenzie TURNED 1!! And I got some of the cutest shots of Kelso and Madison playing.

Kenzi's 1st Birthday - 21 July 2012-12 Kenzi's 1st Birthday - 21 July 2012-4909 Aug 2012Graffiti and Skaters was the flavour of Women’s Day. But again, we ended up in the pub for drinks. I think the photowalkers have a problem. Its called awesomeness.

Graffiti Skaters - 09 Aug 2012-21Aug/ Sep 2012SAN LAMEEEEEEER holiday with my Blinky Dial. Cool times with a cool dude. We had so much fun and I learnt how fun my in camera effects are. I am in love with minature.

01 September 2012-18wm 27 August 2012-3wm 30 August 2012-14wm08 Sep 2012My first mission in and around Fordsburg. 

Spice is Nice - Through My Looking Glass - 08 Sep 2012-9547 Spice is Nice - Through My Looking Glass - 08 Sep 2012BW-962112 Sep 2012I went to Cape Town again for work. I didn’t take my camera – but I took in a bit of it with my phone. love you Cape Town!

12 Sep 12 - CPT-6 12 Sep 12 - CPT-1118 Sep 2012I AM JOBURG – One of my images made it to the Star Newspaper. it wasn’t the winning image, but still awesome that it was print worthy. I also sold this image. HAPPY DAYS.

Spice is Nice - Through My Looking Glass - 08 Sep 2012BW-958229 Sep 2012 – I was fortunate to have been afforded the opportunity to photograph a lovely family, Kim, Roscoe and Jonah. 

Togetherness2012314 Oct 2012 – DATE DAY with my Handome. Love Wolves Cafe.

Wolves 14 Oct 2012-10 Wolves 14 Oct 2012-1205 Nov 2012 – I noted that the best things in my life are Human. Thank you George and Kelso for another wonderful year. ♥♥

04 November 2012-1322 Nov 2012 – No blooming Jacarandas this year. But a nice time with my fav photo peeps.

17 November 2012-1202 Dec 2012 – My heart does flick Flacks for Black and White Photography. Some of my favourites from the collectives.

candicepeetz9 Mojo 2012-8 25 November 20122-8-210 Dec 2012 My Alien turned 5. I am not sure who needs the prize for surviving 5 years. His survival tactics are pretty sharp. Just a smile or a “I love you” and all is forgiven.

10 December 2012-4 10 December 2012-716 Dec 2012 Butterfly princesses and transformers at Madison’s 5th Birthday. 

Madisons Birthday - 15 December 2012-1 Madisons Birthday - 15 December 2012-6 Madisons Birthday - 15 December 2012-16

This may not be the last blog of 2012. But I sit here and think – Dang, I actually did create alot of images. It has been so cool to sit here and reflect.

Happy Festivities to everyone. Hope Father Christmas is good to everyone and I hope 2013 is as rocking as 2012. 


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