Transformers, Tigers and Butterflies – 15 December 2012

On Saturday we went to Madison’s 5th Birthday Party. Hers is one party we won’t miss. Tamara is a dear friend and I love her girls, Madison and Mackenzie.

Madisons Birthday - 15 December 2012-18

There was the most amazing face painter there. I almost didn’t want to wash off Kelso’s face, it was like a work of art. The girls butterfly eyes were so beautifully done.

Madisons Birthday - 15 December 2012-6 Madisons Birthday - 15 December 2012-4 Madisons Birthday - 15 December 2012-1

The Most photographed there was Mackenzie though. I love her so much. She is Madison’s little sister. She is 17 months old and is so full of love. She never stops eating. This is where she was the whole time, at the table with her hand in the bowl of chips.

Madisons Birthday - 15 December 2012-16 Madisons Birthday - 15 December 2012-17 Madisons Birthday - 15 December 2012-10 Madisons Birthday - 15 December 2012-12 Madisons Birthday - 15 December 2012-14


On Saturday Kelso confessed his undying love for Madison who was too involved in brushing her dolls hair to even notice – hahaha. He also made mention that she was demanding. That’s right my boy, accept now, ALL girls are demanding. At least he is learning this at a young age. Clever lad.




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