These are a few of my favorite things – December 2012

I love black and white photography. I think there is just something special about taking color out of images. It allows you to focus on what the image really is. In the past few days, I have just been photographing things that are me. Things I like, people I love and just some randomness.

I know we always say this, but the year has flown. As I get older, time seems to go a little quicker. I sit and wonder where I have been, what have I been doing. Kelso will be 5 in a week’s time and I ask myself how much longer will he be the silly little boy that he is, wearing cardboard boxes so he can look like a robot. This is why I felt I needed to start taking photo’s of things that mean something to me now. I wrote a similar blog last year January, a friendly reminder of the awesomeness that is.


25 November 20122-9bw

25 November 20122-8-2

25 November 20122-7-2

Mojo 2012-8

Mojo 2012-10

25 November 20122-10-2

Concert & Graduation 01122012-23

25 November 20122-15-2

26 November 20122-1-2


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