The Best ‘things’ in life are Human – 05 November 2012

We so often get caught up in the madness, all the hypes. Christmas is around the corner and the shops are buzzing, I eagerly await the sounds of ‘Boney M’ filtering through all the malls as people swipe their cards and shop with wild abandon. 

This post, however, is not about Christmas nor shopping. It is not about my lack of stories ‘Through My Looking Glass’ or anything really related. Not looking at life through my view finder has afforded me the opportunity to enjoy the time with the biggest loves of my life. Instead of chasing Kelso around with a camera, I have been able to join in on the games he plays, I have been able to listen to the funniest stories that his young imagination conjures up.

2012 has been a dry year photographically. Work has consumed a lot of my time, thinking in a very process-like, structured manner every day can really take the creative winds out of one’s sail. But as I sit and think how this year has flown, I am able to smile at all the other achievements, and I realized I embraced the lack of inspiration and channelled the energy into other projects.

The 2 people in the images below are the people that make my world a wonderful place, they make the sun shine even when it is raining. They light up my life even when the power goes out. I love them with all my heart and they accept me in all my glory. Nothing can ever replace what they mean in my life. I am eternally grateful that I have been abundantly blessed.


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