Missioning with My favourite little guy – 07 July 2012

So it is quite apparent that haven’t been doing my looking through the looking glass, nor going in search of my Mojo. Having a day job has seemed to get in the way of this, well not really. I have been on course and its all my days have really consisted of. You just don’t fail an exam that is R2500 a pop.

All that aside, I took some much needed time out the house and took Kelso to the Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens for some fresh air and a bit of exercise. It was nice to see him climb a hill with such enthusiasm and to get himself all dirty without complaining about it.

He really is the love of my life. He drives me banana’s sometimes, but thats Ok, because chances are, I drive him banana’s too. I thought I would share some images of our outing.

I hope everyone has a great week ahead.

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