The Cat that Ponders the meaning of her Life – 17 June 2012

I felt the need to share this image of my cat. Her name is Hariette. Miss Harriette Naomi. She is quite possibly the strangest cat I have encountered and maintain that if she were a person, she would be institutionalized.

She is skittish, eats paper – its like a crazy obsession, and she is a ‘back-chatter’. She has the longest tail and when she walks it lays flat on her back, but as soon as you call her name, it shoots up and looks like an aerial. She is an oddball, but I love her, in all her bizarre glory.

The window ledge is her favourite spot. She almost gets excited when the blinds open and will sit and whine until the window is open and she can look outside. We always wonder what she is thinking. And I believe she may be pondering the meaning of her life.


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