Finding My Mojo – Checkers – 17 June 2012

Welcome to this week’s episode of ‘Finding My Mojo’. To all the SA readers, I hope that you are snuggled up and warm now that the chill is here. I sometimes look outside and think there are polar bears and then I realize it is just George’s white car!

I stuck to the still life theme. I like things that don’t talk back, don’t move and yes, taste nice. I also tried out a technique that I saw in the Pix Magazine. I tried it some time back, but it was DISMAL to say the least. This time proved to be a little better. What the magazine failed to note is that you have to be quick, you need more equipment that I have and an extra set of hands would be nice. But I created a makeshift set up with a wooden box and some wrapping paper, closed the blinds and this is what I managed to do. It is not as in focus as I would have liked.

One doesn’t realize how quickly glycerine spreads until you do this. That is why the magnification of the paper underneath is different from blob to blob.

Although I believe I needed more, we shouldn’t limit ourselves. I managed to pull something off with what I had. I used the glass out of a photo frame instead of going to buy perspex, I only have one flash so figured out eventually where to light this without too much reflection, far cry from perfect, but will get there. And then some wrapping paper which one never can have too much of anyway. Anything is possible.

Next I just photographed some speckled eggs. My most favourite sweets. They make me feel green after eating them, they just have far too much sugar, but so morish!

Thats all for this one. I have one more after this and then thats me for the next few days when work takes up my precious time.


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