Frosty Sunrise – Through My Looking Glass – 02 June 2012

I looked at the date and cannot believe it is June already. Where have I been? How did I get here? And why is it so cold when I wake up? I sometimes feel I have been sleeping and only woke up recently.

In this installment of Through My Looking Glass, I found myself driving to Emmarentia when I should have still been snuggled up under the covers. I had a moment of reflection on my way… A few years ago that was the time I was driving home from where I had been out, now I was driving out from home.

The turnout was surprising. That is the dedication of the ‘Joburg Photowalkers’. Even Craig was there, and we had been ragging him that he would still be in bed. It was a wonderful morning with wonderful people. It is so awesome to be part of a lovely group who not only inspire me, but that I consider to be friends. My life had changed in so many positive ways since meeting many of them. 😉

Anyways, enough soppiness. This was my frosty morning.

ps – Last Years Sunrise stroll, almost a year ago on the dot: Jack Frost at Sunrise – 04 June 2012

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One thought on “Frosty Sunrise – Through My Looking Glass – 02 June 2012

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