Through The Glass of a Sony – 21 April 2012

It has taken me some time to get this one down. Life happens and after a hectic few days, I remembered that I haven’t written about the day I got to play with camera’s of a different brand.

The Joburg Photowalkers paired up with Photocomment and Sony and put together an awesome morning of walking with Sony Camera’s. I have been so eager to try out the smaller mirrorless range. I had heard so much about them, I was so excited that I could give them a test drive.

I learnt that bigger is not better. I was so impressed with the NEX 5. Not only is it the size of a regular compact camera, it is very user friendly, not intimidating as many camera’s can be and the quality is something to write home about. I really liked the fact that the images required very little to no editing. I think the only criticism I have is that I found the images to be, for lack of a better word, smooth. I added grain to some of the images to give them a little more texture. Inside Sci Bono, I shot with a highish ISO and the images were still… smooth. So I can say that it handles very well in low light.

I did try the ‘New kid on the Block’, the NEX 7, but I didn’t have it long enough to really get into it. So I cannot comment. I tried a bigger one, I cannot remember the model. I found it to be clumsy and bulky. This could be because I am used to my canon and I know how to use it and where everything is. So don’t take my word for it.

It was an awesome morning. And thanks to everyone involved in setting it up. So awesome to hang out with great people, cool toys and the weather was playing nice for us too.

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