Neighbourhoods Market – 01 May 2012

In just over one week, I found myself at the Neighbourhood Good’s Market twice. Last week Saturday after the Sony Walk; Jackie, Debra, Willem and I headed into Braamfontein to get something to eat. We ended up there, and then this Saturday just gone, I took my Mother there. She was up from Durban and I thought a morning in the city would show her country self that the city has some life.

I think it is a wonderful market. The smell of different foods waft through and hit the nose as soon as you walk up the ramp. When we were there very early on Saturday, it was already full. But people still setting up shop and starting to cook their foods. The Pancakes rocked my morning. A pancake filled with sweet potato, beetroot, feta, pumpkin seeds and balsamic glaze. what a treat for a Saturday morning.

Kelso had a ball. He and I sat drawing with chalk. Being the child magnet that I seem to be, I was surrounded by kids the whole morning. From drawing the easter bunny, to fighting off a dragon puppet to discussing the avengers, it was an interesting morning.

It is a uber trendy place to hang out. A little packed, but an awesome vibe and if you haven’t been there, make a turn, you won’t be sorry.

Images are a combination of the past 2 visits and have a little Juta Street in em.

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