Mad Cows at the Market – Through my looking Glass – 15 April 2012

Again, we found ourselves in Jozi City centre. The theme for this episode of ‘Through My looking Glass’ is mad cows. Kelso was beside himself with this bouncy red cow things. He posed with them, he sat on them, he hugged them and kissed them.

We had breakfast at ‘Arts on Main’. As mentioned in many previous posts, it is certainly on of my favorite places in Jozi. Today we didn’t stay long. Firstly, time didn’t allow and then after the 3rd splinter, Kelso was just over it. But I could have sat there, enjoying the vibe and the music for another few hours.

I am looking forward to taking my mother there at the end of the month. She will be up from KZN and is dying to go to the place that I enjoy so much. I think she will love it. It won’t make her love Jozi, but it may just get her back for a visit sooner rather than later.

Have a wonderful week further. First full work week this month. How will I make it through? I guess I just need to sit an think about how awesome things I do and the places I visit are and I will dream my way through.

Until then – light, love and fine juju for everyone.

I wanted to add the website for those cupcakes – they look amazing and I picked them to promote in my blog – because I can!

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3 thoughts on “Mad Cows at the Market – Through my looking Glass – 15 April 2012

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