A Little Heidelberg – Through My Looking Glass – 07 April 2012

Ok, forgive me, this is long overdue. On Freedom Day, 21 March, the Looking Glass and I headed off to Heidelberg for a little breakfast and stroll around for Robyn’s Birthday. What a lovely morning out. A nice Breakfast, a morning with some of the nicest people I know and some sightseeing in a place no one thinks to randomly visit for the fun of it.

It was an early start, Daune came with me. I am so thankful for such a wonderful friend – I had to add this. We didn’t even get lost like I thought we would. We got to Her Majesteas Salon early and I took one look at the place and a warm fuzziness flowed through me. The Victorian decor was too much for me. My heart sang all kinds of songs.

We took a walk around the small town. We were fortunate to have guide; local resident and fellow photowalker. He gave us some history and we got to visit the old prison. Quite scary to hear how things were back in the day.  An interesting observation though which shows my generation’s lack of knowledge of what Apartheid really meant. There was a door with the word “Blankes” on. Because of the spacing of the letters, I thought it was missing a “T” and it was where they had kept the Blankets.

It was a nice day out and on the way home, the stop for coffee was a few laughs with the ladies who I really enjoy.

I hope the Easter Bunny visits everyone tomorrow. He will be visiting our house and I hope that this Easter Bunny is able to wake up before the kid does!! hehe.

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