Finding My Mojo – The Phone – 02 April 2012

In this next installment of ‘Finding My Mojo’, I realize I am not sure where I have been. Well I do, its called no 3G. But be that as it may, writing and picture taking has taken a backseat to enjoying my time with my little family without a camera in front of my face.

One of the things I wanted to do was prove that one doesn’t need fancy equipment. This is evident with the iPhone. Photo taking with the iPhone as well as the iPad, iPod and other devises has become quite popular and there now such a things as “phonography” -I am not even sure how to spell it.

I set out to see what my Blackberry Bold could muster up. It is not that easy, but at the same time, it is. With a phone, it is really more about composition rather than anything else because the phone does everything for you. And generally, when photographing with one’s phone, you want to add cool colors and effects because you can (unless you have a blackberry – the effects leave much to be desired.)

People believe better equipment equates to better pictures. I do believe that the quality may be superior sometimes (this is if I compare my Canon 450D to My Canon 60D), I do think that we give our equipment far too much credit. My camera doesn’t take a picture, I do. And while I think my “Phonography” needs a lot of work, I am happy with a few of them.

The story of Little Heidelberg will follow soon. What a super Human rights day. Yes, a little behind. I will get there.

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