Finding My Mojo – Stitching – 25 March 2012

As many know, I am on a mission to get inspired. I have always wondered what stitching photo’s together entailed, but never really explored it enough myself. I have seen panoramic images done by other people and thought, awesome. But it never occurred to me to actually do it myself. I thought it was a lot harder and more of a mission than anything. I could not have been more wrong.

After seeing how perfectly some images of Camps Bay stitched together, I needed to do more.

A fellow photographer, Sandor, suggested I try using the portrait orientation to give the image more height than in landscape. I decided to try this today. First at Emmerentia and then in my own home.

We stay in a very small place, so I didn’t have to take too many images. But the complete image is made up of 21 images. So I stood in one place, in front of the book shelf and then just turned around. I did not go a full 360 and perhaps shouldn’t have turned around as much. I think it is a very interesting way to photograph interiors though. I like that way it all bends to fit in. Can have a lot of fun with this.

Now I just want to do more. Maybe something a little more interesting than the inside of where I live.

Hope everyone had a great week end. Sad it is over already.


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