Cape Town – Through My Looking Glass – 22 March 2012

Been a while since the last episode. George and I were gallivanting around Cape Town for 4 days. It was the best 4 days I have had in a while and if it weren’t for Kelso, I would not have wanted to come home. I love Jozi, I really do, but when you can walk the city centre without “safety in numbers”, you kinda like the idea.

We stayed in an Area called Bo Kaap. It is very central and set in Signal Hill mountain. It was formally known as the Malay Quater and has survived Slavery and apartheid. The community is multi cultural, which made it an awesome place to stay. Each house is colourful and the cobbled roads made for something real special. The lodge we stayed in is called “Wale Lodge”. Appropriately named as the road it is in, is Wale Street. It is part of Rose Lodge, owned and run by a man named Bruce who we only met once. I loved staying there. You really feel at home. Although there were others in the house, you hardly notice. The self service breakfast was also great. I found the simplicity of eating a boiled egg and a piece of toast in the courtyard with a cup of earl grey special.

George and I behaved like proper tourists and got a 2 day bus pass for the Red and Blue City busses that took us to different places. It is a hop on, hop off set up and the bus is never late, and it doesn’t wait for you. It is the most efficient system I have ever seen and so well co-ordinated. the red bus takes you through the city, the blue bus on the outskirts. It was so awesome. Check out for the information on the busses:

Again, Vida-e Caffe just added to the whole experience. If you have read any of my previous blogs, you would know I love their coffee, life changing and the people who work there are always so awesome. And the brownies with marshmallows and cherries in just rocked my world.
I think the funniest thing I experienced were the Squirrels. After falling in love with the church bells from St. George’s cathedral, I fell in love with some crazy little critters that are not shy at all to come and see what you are all about.
I could write forever. I cannot wait to visit again. We will go back sooner rather than later. What a well run, clean and beautiful city. Like all others, it does have its less desirable aspects. But what city doesn’t, what country doesn’t? I loved it and no one will convince me otherwise.

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