Finding My Mojo – Things you Love – 11 March 2012

I know of so many photographers that will photograph the way other people want them to. They will photograph weddings, when in reality, they prefer to photograph landscapes. Photographers will do what they need to in order to generate income. I don’t blame them.

But what I find when I look at more and more websites is that its all getting tired. You can hardly tell photographers apart anymore. I know this is a gross generalization, but google ‘wedding photographer’ or ‘newborn photographer’ and do your own research. I do believe that the masses are being catered for. That is fine, each to their own and if you don’t, you will be a starving artist. But in trying to take photo’s that other people will like, left me abandoning the style I like. Not sure exactly what style this is though.

Its been 2 weeks without the “nifty fifty”. There are some people who have asked if I have returned to the lens that has held the 1st place for a few months – crazy how I completely disregarded the others. Today I revisited the 17mm -85mm f4. As far as lenses go, its cheap. Nothing fancy and I think the overall quality leaves a lot to be desired. But what I do like is the fact that I can play a little more.

I got side tracked. The point of this is that I like to photograph “stuff”. I like to photograph coffee, food, things. I want to make things look different to how they look normally. I want to add dimension, distortion. So today, when the coffee came, I photographed it. I like to photograph children, they rock my world, so I got some shots of Kelso drinking his first “cuppachino” (babychino – before I get slandered for giving a 4 year old coffee). I photographed pigeons, I love pigeons. They are all named Reginald. I made most of my images black and white – I love Black and White. I got down on the ground, I leaned in a little. And most importantly, I had fun. Key to all the bizness.

Don’t hate what you are doing. If you hate it, chances are, its not for you. I feel like I am starting to see again. I have started to forget what pleases others and looking at what pleases me again.

Enjoy the week ahead. Skaap Stad awaits. 4 more sleeps. And only 1 lens is going with me. Which one will it be? We shall see when the day comes.

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