Love Jozi – Through My Looking Glass – 06 March 2012

This week’s episode of ‘Through My Looking Glass’, we explore the love  for Jozi, the love of home and just an awesome day out.

This Past week end we visited Arts on Main. I had told George that I have been wanting to go there again for some time. I love it. It is like an Oasis in Jozi’s city centre. Completely surrounded by the Decay of the city, inside is a buzz that can only be equated to awesome.

Inside the warehouse like building is a 2 floor market. Yummy treats, creative goods and some vintage wear can be found on sale in the market place. And then there is outside where one can park off, Rus Kaas and just enjoy the vibe and the background music.

I have lived in Joburg for 11 years. For 10 of those years I wasn’t sure about this place. I likened Joburg to a Step Mother; she will always take care of you, never love you. But that all changed when I started to explore a little (thanks to photowalking). My views have changed and I realized there is so much more to this city than the buzzing around, fast paced life style. When I go home to KZN, I can never wait to get back to My Smoggy city, My Jozi, My Home.

Wishing everyone a super week further.

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3 thoughts on “Love Jozi – Through My Looking Glass – 06 March 2012

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