Muti Culture – Through my Looking Glass – 18 Feb 2012

Welcome to another episode of ‘Through My looking Glass’. The episodes are few and far between and I am not entirely sure why. Life is just happening I suppose. That is my excuse and I am sticking to it.

Today the looking glass and I went on an African Cultural walk. It was quite interesting. Some of us photowalkers piggy backed off another event and it was flipping awesome. There was one shop I walked into that freaked me a little. Animal bones and things, horse tail hair things and all that jazz is a little weird for me. But otherwise it was cool. There are different color salts available to ward off the Tokoloshe ( and all sorts of things can be sorted with a few sips of some concoctions. The sea water I knew about, some of the other stuff I did not.

The guy who gave the tour was very knowledgeable and that always adds to the experience. I could go into lots of details, but really, when I am behind the lens, the ears stop working so I didn’t catch all the information.

Everytime I go into town, I learn again how awesome this place is. The people are friendly and to be honest, no one bothers you much. Everyone just gets on with the business. You do get the people who may bother you, and really don’t want their pictures taken, but show some respect and respect will be shown back. I do heart Jozi, all the time, every day, in so many ways. 

Have an amazing week end further.

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