The Day My Technology Failed – 15 Jan 2012

Today was a very sad day for me. My external hard drive fell off the table and now all there is a light and a clicking sound. 2 years of digital negatives sit on the disks that are clicking and not allowing me to access the trapped images.I suddenly want to look at them and smile at the memory captured. Apart from the digital negatives, there are photo’s that go back to when my son was a baby, to holidays years back. And now will sit in a memory that is fading (my own – hahaha).

Although I am still in denial, believe me, I have plugged the drive in many times to just make sure, I am almost humbled. We take the digital age and technology for granted. We think it is the way forward. It has left us thinking that technology will never fail us, people fail us, not machines.

I have been thinking of how much technology has given us, but also taken away from us.

The other day I was thinking about how much I wish I could have recorded the radio interview on ‘The Joburg Photowalkers’. I was in Durban at the time. The death of the cassette tape has left us unable to tape things off the radio. I am sure many who read this will remember recording their favourite songs from the top 40 shows.

Some time before that I thought about the VCR. hahaha… And I thought about how my Father used to have so many James Bond Films on tape, Anything Antonio Banderas was on those tapes too. This got me thinking. There is PVR, but not everyone can afford such luxuries, myself included. Another simple pleasure gone.

Freedom was taken away with the cellphone. Suddenly if you don’t answer your phone, people want to know why. If you never answered your home phone, people assumed you were out. No one ever thought you were ignoring their calls or lying in a gutter somewhere. Texting gave us an excuse to stop being social in the real sense of the word.

Social Media has made the world smaller. It has been a wonderful tool for me. I love it. But at the same time, we have forgotten to keep some thing’s personal. Checking in functionality gives your entire life away. People know where you are, who you are with, what time you got there, when you left and went somewhere else. I am guilty of this type of broadcasting and so thankful no one is after me, they would find me so quickly.

With Digital Camera’s, you don’t need any skill to take photo’s. While you require some knowledge to take that perfect picture, you don’t only have 24 or 36 exposures. You can potentially have 32gb of exposures to get that shot right and if You don’t, you have software that can help you achieve it. And while it is so awesome to have the open world of infinite possibilities, you are not forced to print the photo’s and if you have a moment like I had, your memories can disappear. They are not gone completely. You still have them in the hard drive that is your brain. Sadly, that can fail us too. And luckily, can more than likely be retrieved, at a cost of course.

We believe technology has made our lives easier, but we have forgotten that simplicity is the way forward. There is a drive to live simpler lives.

We are buying plastic camera’s and rolls of film to put a sense of fun back into photography, to get creative and artistic. We sit and reminisce about Cassettes and Video tapes and wish we had a video machines because that always worked, not like the DVD player that worked for 6 months and now doesn’t work.  You sit and wished you had a photo album that you could flip through because looking at photo’s is so awesome. We are buying our children wooden toys because they last longer. We want to read to our kids more because all the TV has taken so much away from the imagination. Spell Checker has left a generation unable to spell – Raises hand – I admitted that the spelling corrector on Blackberry has made me a lazy typer.

We cannot run away from all these complications. The only thing we can do is embrace it and learn from the little mistakes like this one.

I felt like sharing this … via… technology that has made this sharing possible.

🙂 Hope everyone has a wonderful week forward.


4 thoughts on “The Day My Technology Failed – 15 Jan 2012

  1. Sorry about your hard drive – that’s really shit. I save my pix on external and on DVD (Two copies) – the issue with not saving (and keeping your stuff off-site) is not only crashes but theft. This happened at Umuzi Photo Clubs offices late last year when guys walked in at lunch time and skived their computers in broad daylight!

    I love your posts and being of a different age (TV only came into the country after I left school) I am OLD SKOOL in a lot of ways. I started photography in the digital age and has now moved back into film to understands the basics of photography. Ah and I STILL use a video recorder linked to my TV as I simply don’t want to layout money for a PVR as I don’t watch the goggle-box that much. Good luck, hope you can recover your images and remember not only Jesus Saves……

  2. 😦 I still feel sad about losing my music collection 4 years ago… about 300 days worth of back-to-back tracks. I loved my music so much. Backed it up and then deleted it off my laptop (but actually deleted the backup), then reformatted the laptop. Music, like photos, can bring a memory back to life.

    • that is sad. I had a laptop stolen a few years ago, all my music, all my writing, everything. then I learnt to back up. then i backed and up the backup fell on the floor and lost that. I have decided old school is best, screw external drives, I’m going back to disks – hahaha.

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