My Time away from Home – Through My Looking Glass – 10 Jan 2012

Welcome to this weeks episode of “Through My Looking Glass”. Yesterday I arrived back in Jozi after 9 days in KZN with family. I have never been so happy to see the smog that is my Jozi. It meant I would be home after the long drive and it meant that I would soon kiss the face of George and hear the puurrs of my sweet animals, Munro and Harriette.

It was a lovely week. I got to spend time with Cluadia, I got a Tattoo and some nice stones that day. I spent time with my Mum and was great to catch up. I saw Trudy and her daughter and after a year, was also great to catch up. I babysat my gorgeous baby niece, Tayla, visited my favorite granny Pat and spent time with my brother Jason, his wife Kinty and 2 awesome Kids, Hannah and Daniel. A very busy few days indeed.

I have a few days before I go back to work and I intend to rejuvinate and get ready for a crazy year that I know will be awesome and full of amazing images, people and places.

Love, Light and Clarity to all. I hope the rest of the week rocks the socks off!

My favorite images of the week!

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