Light Love Clarity – Through My Looking Glass – 03 Jan 2012

Welcome to the first of many episodes of ‘Through My Looking Glass’ for 2012.

Again, one of the first days of a new year was spent with Cluadia. This was to be the last time for a while that I would see her. She is living her dream for a few days. On a Roadie to Jeffrey’s Bay to gracefully glide down walls of water and get the feeling of pure joy flowing through her entire being.

An early start to the day with a breakfast that cost R36 for both of us. I have never had such a cheap breakfast in my life. What a winner. It was then off to The Blue house for a little inkage. I had been wanting to get my personal mantra tattoo’d on my wrist for some time and today was the day – Light Love Clarity is on my wrist forever. Cluadia was kind enough to help with the design and I am honored to have the second piece of what she does best on my person, engraved forever.

It was an awesome start to the year. Being surrounded by love and good vibes was just what I need to rejuvenate.

I am hoping Google was able to translate this correctly. But in honour of my friends passion for this language I figured lets add some… Gracias por Cluadia un día maravilloso. Te amo con todo.

Love, Light and Clarity. Happy 2012 everyone. My wish is that it is the best so far for everyone.

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