The Year 2011 – Through My Looking Glass – 17 Dec 2011

As I mentioned Earlier, this has been one of my best years. It was one where I got to explore a little more. So this episode of ‘Through My looking Glass” is a reflection of where I like to be, what I like to do and a little of me through my lens.

If I ever were to be awarded a world peace award and you need to know where to find me to give me this good news.

This is really my own personal monthly highlights through my looking glass. 🙂

January 2011

I got to discover The Oyster Box (Blog – Oysters and Stairwells) with 2 of the most awesome people in my life.

I photographed Mike and My mother, Like a little love shoot which was alot of fun. (Kings of the Hill)

Hanging out with Cluadia and Gringo (Sunshine on a Cloudy Day), The best and her “Kid”.

I attended a Wedding Photography Workshop (Pixelpro ) and learnt that its not just a click and go affair.

February 2011

Day Tripping 1 (Blog – Rosebank) with the love of my own life (apart from Kelso). Rosebank is the place where we can always be found and the theme can be found further down.

Happy Valentines Day Mama! A biscuit Kelso Made at School!

March 2011

Day Tripping 2 – (Blog – Grand Day Out) – First visit to Wolves Cafe in Illovo and then… ahem – Rosebank and Cranks. (and I had to include the image of the pretty frock I got)

I attended a very cool lighting workshop (Organized by Assemblage at iMedi8)

I discovered BULB setting on my Camera – What a fun setting. Thanks Kelso for being such an obliging model –

I got to meet and chat to Walter on a Solo Mission to Rosebank. AKA Shoe Shine Walter. He is a shoe polisher in Rosebank and he deserves to be supported.

April 2011

Not a huge month for photo taking. But the Easter Bunny visited Kelso for the first time and that was an exciting affair.

And let me not forget to mention that I photographed a wedding for the first time. Really not for sissies and I learnt again, its not Click and walk away.

Oh wait, but there is more. The first exhibition. The Joburg Photowalker 12 Decades exhibition (Blog – Exhibitionists and Dirty Rascals). What an honor and the selection process was a great deal of fun too.

May 2011

I did a portrait workshop at Abraham Kriel home for children. It was in preparation for the Help Portraits later on in the year. I spent my day with the kids. And because we were not allowed to publish the images, this one has no face, just a kid loving taking photo’s.

June 2011

I finally attempted Lomography (Blog) , dismal attempt. So below is actually an image from my second attempt.

After finding my car in tact after a taxi trip to Soweto on Youth day, I stopped at westpark cemetary. (Blog – Angelic Stones)

July 2011

Probably the biggest thing for me was being featured in Photocomment Magazine in the Readers Portfolio Section. (Blog). I have since been afforded the opportunity to be a regular contributer on the website.

I got to photograph Natalie while Tayla was still in her belly and that was very cool.

Hanging out with Sue and Daune at Arts on Main was a HUGE highlight. I love these 2 ladies and I miss the daily ‘save the world’ over morning coffee conversations. (Blog – Pancakes, Ginger and Crazy birds)

My Mountainous meander (Blog – Mountainous Meander) – my 10 hr drive to Durban… it was cool, but was so over it after a while.

Special Birthday for my mom. Took her to the Oyster Box for breakfast (Blog – Half Century Sandy Oysters)

August 2011

I got to Photograph Tamara and her beautiful Girls (Madison and Mackenzie). Always great to capture memories for friends. (Blog)

I was fortunate to be given the opportunity to do a special family shoot. McKenzie’s (another one) first birthday and Christening. Below is Yolandi, Brandon and little McKenzie getting a big kiss. (Blog)

Happy Birthday to me. A big one – No. 30. I discovered Juta Street in Braamfontein and got a Barbie Gal from my sweet son. (Blog)

The guys at Vida-e Cafe in Rosebank really added something special to my birthday. Obrigado Vida-e for life changing coffee and amazingly friendly staff.

I got to see my sister for the first time in many years. She visited from Uk and it was a day of awesomeness. (Blog – Misty Hilled Cakelets)

My first trip on the Gautrain (Blog – Day trip Dreamers)

September 2011

A day with Daune. The day the car broke down and we spent the day in the middle of nowhere. An awesome day. (Blog – Light, Peace and Ubuntu)

My first Joburg Day experience. (Blog – Joburg Day)

My holiday in San Lameer with Kelso was so amazing. A week at the beach with my favourite little Alien (who behaved so well) was awesome. (Blog )

I met the newest member of the Peetz Family. Tayla. (Blog – Tayla Peetz)

October 2011

Colette Visited from the UK. What a pleasure to see this lady. (Blog – Love in the world)

My first visit to The Neighbourhood Goods Market in Braamfontein. (Blog – Neighbourhood goodness and coffee)

A bush Ramble with Mark Straw – wow – I never expected a 4hr hike. It was really cool though. (Blog – Natures Blossoms)

A little boy and a Man both filled with awesomeness needs a mention. A Delta park mission with George and Kelso.

November 2011

Kelso conquers his fear of the pool and became a special fish

I learnt that phortographing jewellery is not as easy as it looks. (Blog – Sparkle)

Our regular hang out – papachino’s  Clearwater – Kelso’s new “my ropa”. Kelso got a T and is known as Mr papachinos. he is like the local celeb there.

December 2011

Kelso Turned 4. And My camera was not working properly. His party was shot with a Fujifilm disposable camera (Blog – Old Skool Youngins)

And one of the last days that George and I would get to spend together until 2012. Taken at Vida-e Cafe in Rosebank.

And some more play with BULB setting while at Cranks

And then…. I bought a new camera. A new Canon 60D. I don’t have photo’s of it. But I took it out for a spin for the first time at Madison’s 4th birthday party. Here is a photo taken with my new toy. It was love at first Click.

So this is the highlights for me for 2011. Christmas is still to come, but so far, this was it. A year full of personal awesomeness.

Thank you to everyone who made it so memorable. Lots of love to you all!



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