Old Skoool Youngins – 11 Dec 2011

Happy Sunday. It saddens me that this week end is over, but also leaves me with a small sigh of relief. Yesterday Kelso turned 4. The Alien had a party and although it was small, as a mother you start thinking about the party weeks before. Not sure why though, we forget that at 4, all you want is presents, a cake and to feel special for a day. Oh wait, that doesn’t only apply to 4 year olds.

A few days ago, my camera decided to go all schizo on me and the shutter button didn’t want to work. I reset all the settings, did this and that and it worked again. This was after tears because it was Kelso’s birthday and how could I not take photo’s at his party. I believe this was the universe way of telling me to start enjoying my time with my family, capture the memories in my grey matter, not on a scandisk 8GB card.

I decided to go old school. I decided to get a Fujifilm disposable film camera.

It was a learning curve for me. I had absolutely no control over the images. All I could attempt was composition. There is no aperture settings, I could not pick my shutter speed. No lens focusing. It was fun. The element of surprise when I brought the disk home from the photo shop was so awesome.

I cannot wait to attempt this again. I bought a disposable underwater film camera for the hotter days in the pool and started exploring a little more.

Clicker is being admitted into hospital on Monday so she can be checked out properly and get a cleaning at the same time. In the meantime, I have Lady Di and her story is soon to follow.

Hope everyone had a wonderful week end. I hope the coming week is filled with only awesomeness.

below are some of the images taken at Kelso’s party. They are so average, I love them. I had a fun time with my Kelso, my George and my amazing girlfriends.

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3 thoughts on “Old Skoool Youngins – 11 Dec 2011

  1. I am so keen to explore it a little more. we are so spoilt with digital and I think this is a way to get out the comfort zone a little and get creative prior to processing. WHat I loved is that often people spend a great deal of time processing images to get this effect. My next post is my 2nd attempt with my Diana Mini – the first attempt was dismal, now kind of have an idea of how to get what I am after. – I love your site filmwins – i had a quick look. Very very cool images.

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