Get an Education – Through My Looking glass – 26 Nov 2011

Yes, so been a while hasn’t it. Welcome to this episode of “Through My Looking Glass”. It has been a while and in all honesty, this was the first time I picked up my camera since the bling shots. I seemed to be busy doing nothing in particular.

In this episode we got an education and another great time with The Joburg Photowalkers. We walked through St Johns College, a private school in Houghten.

A little history quoted – The school was founded on 1 August 1898 in a house in Plein Street by an Irish priest, Reverend John Darragh, the rector of St Mary’s Church (now Cathedral). Johannesburg was then 12 years old, and the tiny school boasted two desks and seven pupils.

The renowned architect Herbert Baker was appointed to design the new school buildings which occupy 56 acres on Houghton Ridge. The first blocks used were of rough-hewn quartzite quarried on the site, but subsequently rock was sourced from Krugersdorp and hand-chased by Maltese craftsmen. The school is arranged around a number of quadrangles, each with its cloisters.

I felt like I was walking around Hogwarts, the buildings are absolutely beautiful and it was really a great deal of fun.

This was to be the last walk of the year, with a little shindig afterwards. The party was cool, what was odd – a party of photographers and no camera’s out.

I could go on and on, but the images speak for themselves.

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5 thoughts on “Get an Education – Through My Looking glass – 26 Nov 2011

  1. it is hogwarts – well the hogwarts in my head that is! i wish we could have made it (we joined friends slaughtering a goat in their townhouse in bryanston for gogos 95th, which was an interesting experience nonetheless….) i keep following your blog, and man do i admire your pics!

    • Totally Hogwarts… And thank you so much for the compliment. It is really great from a fellow blogger. I hope to meet you on a walk sometime. Its always great to meet new people, especially those starting to explore as I have… Its been an amazing year and I am so excited for the next set of adventures waiting in 2012.

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