Kelso Reese – The Love of my Life – Part 3 – 31 Oct 2011

After a wonderful time with Kelso, I decided he is again (well always really) blog worthy. Kelso and I went to feed the ducks at Emmerentia the past Sunday and we had so much fun. I learnt that ducks are quite aggressive. I often had to remind Kelso to throw the bread and not run backwards with a whole slice in his hand. Luckily I managed to convince him that the ducks liked him and wanted to be his friend, that’s why they were running after him. Last thing I want is to him to believe that “Death By Duck” is possible.

Kelso is growing up so fast, his character is blooming and he is such an amazing little boy, and a proper show off as well. He is starting to come out his shell and considers any child to be his friend. At the dam I felt like a right stalker as I trailed behind him following any person that was roughly his height saying that he needs to go with his friends. He told most of the people walking by that he was Captain America and showed off his black, plastic shield with such pride. It was quite something to bare whiteness to. Alone time with him on a week end was just what we needed I think, the week day afternoons are always so mad. My soul felt revitalised, we laughed, and we missioned hand-in-hand singing the theme song from ‘Jake and the neverland pirates’ on the top of our voices. If he can get it away with that kind of silliness, then as his mother, so can I!!

He is the person that inspires me the most, the one that has taught me the most without even knowing it. Sometimes he can drive me all shades of crazy, all in one go. But when everything else seems a bit pear-shaped and you just want to reset everything and start over, I look at the most perfect little creation and nothing matters. His unconditional love, his ease of forgiveness and appreciation for the tinniest things is always so inspiring and always proves to be just what I need to dust off the shoulders and put a smile back on my face.

Thank you Kelso Reese Keogh for adding plenty sunshine and rainbows to my world. You are my best and I Dig you the most!

I wish everyone a great week further!

Love in the world.

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