Natures Blossoms – Through My Looking Glass – 09 Oct 2011

In the latest episode of “Through My Looking Glass”, I found myself trekking through the bush. Another awesome walk with Mark Straw, at Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve in Mondeor. More “Joburg Photowalkers” were meant to join the walk, but you know, everyone else chose to watch Rugby or sleep in a little later. A dismal day for the fans I believe, but an awesome one for us who chose to have a morning out. We did meet some interesting people with cameras on the walk and I hope to see then on another walk soon. With all that said, my legs have finally stopped with the; “’Double-You-Tee-Eff’ did you do us?” question. Fitness, perhaps I need to get some?

We did one of the guided walks that were on that morning, we chose Botany. Didn’t see as many flowers as I had hoped, I apparently had illusions of grandeur and fame. But I did learn a lot about roots of things and what can kill you and what is used for medicinal purposes. I learnt that before you make a fire on rocks, you should make sure it is not hollow because the condensation could cause an explosion and also how quartz ends up scattered in rocks. Lets not get into the details; I wasn’t the most attentive student. At some point all I could think about was how I was burning. Kippie here didn’t consider sunscreen. Infact the thought never crossed my mind, not once. Although, I wasn’t expecting an over 3 hr. trek up the mountain either. I expected a chilled out and quiet ramble through nature. By the time I got back down the hill and got to the car, I drank about a litre of water and headed straight home to clean myself up and have a snooze.

My Sunday in a nutshell.

Hope you are all getting your servings of fine Juju and love and may you all have a wonderful week end.


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