Tayla Peetz – Through my Looking Glass – 17 September 2011

It seems I go a while without blogging and then add another so soon after the last – and this one is a little overdue already. I am not so sure if this is an episode of through my looking glass, although apart from driving, it’s how I spent the day. It was a rather tiring day, but worth all the effort.

It was the day I would finally get to photograph Tayla, the newest Peetz to grace the world with her presence. I met her the day before, she slept over by us. What a little darling, big eyes, cute little nose and she makes the cutest little baby sounds. Not like her cousin Kelso who showed us exactly what his lungs were made of. Her cries can be likened to a little kitten meowing.

That morning we had an early start to try and get ourselves ready, a baby and a small child. Googs had her hair to do and Kelso had to make his first set of demands for the day. We had planned to leave by 9am, be in Balito by 10. HMM. Sure thing. We managed to leave by 9:30 and thought we had everything. We patted ourselves on the back for our most amazing coordination skills. Balito is around 80km from Monteseel (which is the tip top of Valley of 1000 hills). I do stand to be corrected, but it’s a fair drive. We got to Umhlanga when I realised that in all the madness, I had left my camera at home. I took the Gateway turn off and headed back to get the camera. At this point it was almost time for Tayla to feed. But the little bear slept the whole way back and then back but was over hungry and I am sure was well excited to see Natalie, for more reasons than just to see her pretty face. A 45min to 1 hour drive took us 3 hours. (we made it there without a breakdown and no, we weren’t in a Toyota – referring to comments on a previous post!)

It took Tayla some time to settle down, but she eventually got the hang of being in the spot-light and I got some really cool photo’s of that pretty little face.

I still need to post the disk down, it is ready to be sent, now just to get a gap to get to the post office. So here are just a few images of The Gorgeous Princess Peetz. She is almost 11 weeks old now and looks different, just saw a photo 5 minutes back!! 🙂 SUCH A CUUUTIE!

Hope you all having a super time.

Love in the world.

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