Light, Peace and Ubuntu – 25 September 2011

What an interesting day Sunday was. Daune and I had booked the day to go to The Nan Hua temple in Bronkhorstspruit, we had been planning this day for like a month and just the other day found out that there was a Light and Peace Ceremony taking place. What a bargain, how is that for fantastic timing? Excitement was looming as Sunday started getting nearer and nearer.

I met at Daune’s house at 9am. All ready to go, we jumped into D’s car because her car is smoke friendly. I got the low down on the noises the car makes, but was told not to worry about the noises. I didn’t worry about the noises. There was no reason.

The universe works in the most bizarre ways. First stop was Vida-e café. Then we hit the Road. Daune apologised for speeding from time to time, we laughed, we spoke and she got through a few cigarettes. We were about 1km from the Rayton turn off when the battery light came on, power steering stopped working and panic set in. We made it to the closest garage where the car petered out. And the panic mechanic Daune thought it was a good idea to get out the Audi Manual and take the battery out. With a few flips of pages, 2 petrol attendants and a spanner, they got the battery out. As awesome as that achievement was, a flat battery is of less use out the car, than it is in. Daune called the AA (not Alcoholics Anonymous – although wine would have been nice) and they promised to get a tow truck to us within 2 hours, we were close to nowhere in particular. 2 hours came and went, then another 2 hours came and went and finally the canary truck arrived. We (Daune, Me and the petrol attendants) gave a shout of pure delight. You never really get excited to see the colour yellow until it’s there to take you home.

The drive home in the canary was equally interesting as the rest of the day. We drove back with Peet and Chirissa (I am not clued on the spelling). Daune and Peet spoke about fast cars and the engine was burning Chirissa’s behind. Nothing like a 1.5 hour drive back in a truck to really end the mission off nicely!

With all that, it was one of the coolest days I have had in a while. Firstly, nothing adds excitement to a road trip like a break down. And secondly, I learnt the meaning of Ubuntu (Thanks Bongani for putting a new word in the brain dictionary – always heard of it, just never quite understood the meaning) – quoted from Wikipedia – “Ubuntu is an African ethic or humanist philosophy focusing on people’s allegiances and relations with each other..” A little mutual respect and understanding of others goes a long way.

We were showered with random acts of kindness. Those attendants that worked at that garage were angels. They were not only helpful, but friendly. A Lady that calls herself “China” invited us to her place for a Traditional African meal, numbers were exchanged and I look forward to a road trip to Refhilwe – A location close to Cullinan.

Daune and I got to chat, catch and laugh at how the day turned out. I miss her, she is a woman that not only carries around a lot of strength and courage around with her, but has so much love in her heart. Love you D, I cannot wait for another adventure! Although, we take Azrael and not Pug next time. Just incase!

I hope everyone has a wonderful week further. I will soon be blogging the meeting of my niece… so stay tuned.

Love in the world.

Ps … before I end this, one more quote that I think we can all learn a little from: “We think of ourselves far too frequently as just individuals, separated from one another, whereas you are connected and what you do affects the whole World. When you do well, it spreads out; it is for the whole of humanity.”

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13 thoughts on “Light, Peace and Ubuntu – 25 September 2011

  1. That is amazing, I stopped my busy day to read and I know have tears running down my face! What an amzing outlookl on life…….YAY for you two and eveybody that helped 🙂

  2. I agree the photos are amazing, the story delightful and a Toyota a must.
    Loved It !
    Candice is a talented writer as well as photographer.

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