San Lameer – Part 2 – Through My Looking Glass – 21 Sep 2011

So the holiday is but a distant memory. In fact, so distant, it is hard to believe that just three days ago I was on the N3, driving back to Joburg.

Part one went on about the rain. Well, the sun came out the day before we were to leave and it was so windy we didn’t bother, kelso also got an injury, so the beach trip on the sunny day was short lived.

I leant that sunshine is really not all that when it comes to taking photo’s. I took full advantage of the most beautiful sky props, added one ND Grad Filter and dragged the kid along the beach to find some interesting things.

It is amazing the beauty that is all around us and we don’t pay attention. Blue bottles, who would have thought. I fell in love with their form, their colour and just how they look when they are not wrapped around your ankle stinging the living daylights out of you! :-). There are also the most amazing patterns in the sand, interesting textures. I miss the ocean, I miss the sound of the roaring sea and the waves as they crash on the shore. Maybe one day when I win the power ball, one of those nice houses in Southbroom will be mine. until, then, I have the city!

Lots of love to all. I hope the rest of the week is filled with only the best juju.

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2 thoughts on “San Lameer – Part 2 – Through My Looking Glass – 21 Sep 2011

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