Joburg Day – Through my Looking Glass – 03 Sep 2011

Welcome to this instalment of “Through My Looking Glass”. Last week the glass found its way to “Joburg Day”. It was such a hot day and to be perfectly honest, an 8 year old looked through the glass more than I did. I was quenching my thirst; I still did manage to get some of the day though.

It was an early start to the day. It was a day of Freedom for Tamara. She wasn’t Mommy, feeding apparatus, or the nappy changer; she was Tamara for a day. To get into the parking took short of forever; there was the most insane turn out. I don’t think I have ever seen so many people in one place. It was like Durban’s beachfront on Boxing Day. Wherever you turned, there were just umbrellas, blankets and people.

Most of the bands playing were pretty cool. I won’t name the ones that left my head bowed in shame. *snigger*. One in particular did Depeche Mode no justice whatsoever. We shall not name nor shame the artist.

Thanks to Tamara, Elana, Roche and Chloe for an all-round superb day. It was a long day and I just about fell into bed when I got home, but I think for next year, it is already decided that we will have Golden Circle Tickets, or get there when the sun rises to get a good spot.

I am off to the coast for a week so I hope everyone has just as much in the coming week as I am going to have.

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