Happy Birthday To Me – 26 Aug 2011

30 Years ago today something awesome happened… I arrived! Today I got asked how it felt to be 30 and to be perfectly honest, no different to how I felt yesterday. Just a little shocked that I don’t feel old. Growing up I always thought by the time you hit 30 you better make sure your last will and testament is in place because there won’t be much time after that! Heaven help anyone who calls me old! Luckily I still look 21, hopefully I will age with style like my Mother!

Today was a special day. I didn’t get to sleep in, but I took a day for me. It started with a breakfast at elevenfortyfive on Conrad Drive in Blairgowrie. (I love that place) and spent most of the morning there while traffic died down. Conrad at 7:30 is not for sissies! After that I went to Rosebank because a birthday is just not a birthday without a Vida-a Latte. I have a super shot of the crew who quite honestly made my day. Super cool bunch who even had their photo taken with Miss Josephine and Nthando. After that I decided to brave town and headed off to Juta Street, what a little GEM!! The Coffee and Carrot cake is totally rocking at “Post”. A delightful little coffee shop. I sat and watched the two guys there whip up the most delicious looking Samies and I will definitely be going back there for a potato salad.

It was a special day and sad its almost over. Thanks to everyone for the special messages and the phone calls from abroad. It all made for a wonderfully delicious day!!

Hope everyone has a great week end. I  know I will!!

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2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday To Me – 26 Aug 2011

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