Happy Go Lucky – 21 Aug 2011

There is nothing like listening to some cheesy ‘Bee Gees’, finishing off a glass of red and blogging on a Sunday. I was supposed to get up early and join the “Photowalkers” for a sunrise ramble in Kensington, but I decided to sleep in and spend the day with my small, yet awesome family. (Then spend my afternoon swaying to the sounds of pure cheese.)

There is something special about this music that puts a smile on my face. Lionel Richie has got to be the coolest ever though with Shakin Stevens coming in at a close second. HMMMMM. And then I woke up and my coffee was cold!

Nice day today. Breakfast ay Europa in Linden. Europa in Linden is like ‘The Cure’ in my life. You will venture out to other places, but they will remain the old Faithful, the guaranteed pleaser. The staff are so friendly and efficient and their berry oats is the best this side of the equator. 🙂 After that we just took a brisk walk around Emmerentia, Kelso was hell bent on getting a Shield so the walk was short lived. A pot lid has been doubling up as a shield for the past few days, but it has also become a weapon, so decided to get him a less dangerous toy! 🙂

I hope everyone has a super week end, I did and I am sad it is over. We never seem to know what we want, we want time to fly in the week and slow down on week ends and it seems we always get the opposite of what we ask for! Wishes of love and a great week further!


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