Tamara, Madison and Mackenzie – 13 Aug 2011

I spend the greater part of my day with Tamara and her 2 beautiful little girls, Madison, who is 3 years old (only 6 days younger than Kelso) and Mackenzie who is 3 weeks old. It was such a lovely day and I have decided that I quite like photographing babies, their gorgeous Mum’s and pretty big sister’s.

Tamara is an amazing woman, when life hands her lemon’s she seems to know how to say “No thanks” because she prefers the sweeter fruits. I love positivity and I love those who can see the light in all the darkness and nothing inspires me more than independent women who are doing it for themselves.

Here are a few taken today. I hope everyone enjoyed their day as much as I did.

Love to everyone! xx

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3 thoughts on “Tamara, Madison and Mackenzie – 13 Aug 2011

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