Day Trip Dreamers – 08 Aug 2011

A rocky start to this day, but ended perfectly. It was a day off work, a day of splendor, until I got to Tashas in Rosebank. Just the day before I had written about how great Rosebank is, how welcome most feel. But I must admit, breakfast at Tashas left a bad taste and although, who I think may be the manager attempted to redeem himself, I don’t think I will find myself back there in a hurry. The place is well decorated, the waitrons well dressed and I am sure it is a nice place. But I learnt that there are places that are not photographer friendly and a little paranoid. While I respect their “fears” of competition, I guess rather put a sign up than watch customers like a hawk and then approach them and question the reasons for photographing the cup of coffee, or maybe I should have asked, I had just never experienced anything of the sort before. I had always wanted to go there, it is always busy and buzzing, but those who can afford the ordinary meals at extra-ordinary prices can keep it. I could have been the only person to experience this, so don’t take my word for it. Those who read these blogs will notice that I photograph everything and in all honesty, I saw better decorated coffees at Arts on Main, they have no need to feel threatened, their coffee’s are good tasting, but not unique Im afraid. That is my rant.. and on to the better news.

After that, Miss Josephine and I decided we had nothing better to do, so we decided to buy a ticket for the Gautrain and head off to Centurion for a meander and maybe some coffee, not realizing that the busses were not running that day, so didn’t get out the station. The ride was great though. I heard many complaining when the train had to stop or slow down, but it was an incredibly relaxing ride nonetheless. When I got to Centurion, I pretty much hopped on the train back. The afternoon ended with A Vida-e Coffee (Obrigado Vida-e Caffe, Your Coffee’s rock my world) and then home. The evening ended with some wine, Ella Fitzgerald and a Thai Curry. Bliss.

I wish all a super week further. It is starting to warm up, which means Spring is slowly approaching. The colour will return soon. May all the love surround you.


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2 thoughts on “Day Trip Dreamers – 08 Aug 2011

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