Nutty Sprouts – Through My Looking Glass – 07 Aug 2011

Well blow me down, It seems I have another episode of ‘Through My Looking Glass” this week end. The week end is almost over and it ends with a sense of sadness that it is over. I have had a week end of splendor. Tomorrow George is back and work and I sit and wonder what I will get up to on my day off. We are both busy people with a small child. This means that time together is rare and when we get the chance to just be, we take it with open arms! With that said, I cannot wait to see Kelso’s sweet little face, squeeze that little body and listen to stories of robots and lions.

Our morning started with pancakes at Arts on Main. They are HIGHLY recommended, although the nutella one is best shared with someone because it can rot your teeth just looking at it. After that is was off to Rosebank to have lunch at Cranks, The craziest Thai restaurant that leaves the heart happy and the belly full!

I love Rosebank, it is a fair drive from home, and when asked what is so special, my response is always; “everything”. Rosebank on a Sunday is alive. It has a vibe not easily replicated. It has life, culture and an incredible sense of uniqueness. Whether you are rambling through the roof top market or just sitting having coffee somewhere, boredom never creeps out the corners.

While sitting at Cranks we got to watch a man wangle his body through a metal ring, another put fire out in his mouth and I wondered to myself; “How the heck did he figure out he could do that?”. These men, clad in animal print pants and sequence jackets, sparkled as they performed and loved every minute of it. We saw tap dancers and gum boot dancers and it seems they all took turns to entertain.

A lovely day out, looking forward to women’s day on Tuesday where I get to spend the day with my 2 best.


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2 thoughts on “Nutty Sprouts – Through My Looking Glass – 07 Aug 2011

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